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What they are

Dotfiles are configuration files that reside in your home (~) directory. They are hidden files, preceded with a dot (.), that's why they're called dotfiles and usually have a rc suffix (e.g. .bashrc, .vimrc).

It is usual to share dotfiles and learn from others. This is an introductory article about them.

Why you need one

Setting up a development environment can be stressful and time-consuming. Dotfiles are a great way to back up and bootstrap your development environment configuration.

Working in a machine without your aliases, shortcuts and vim plugins can be very unproductive. I experiment this every time I need to work in someone's computer, for example.

Dotfiles are a great way to get your development enviroment configured fast and easily.

Where they live

Dotfiles must be shared. Dotfiles are meant to be forked.

As an example, I've discovered dotfiles after a suggestion from my colleague Bruno Mentges. He was specially interested in vim configs and, for instance, used nvie's vimrc as inspiration.

The first thing I did was to fork his dotfiles. By doing this I've discovered some vim configs I was not aware of. Forking other people's dtofiles is a great way to learn from others.

Other great thing about hosting dotfiles on github is having a safe place to back them up.

All my dotfiles are in a git repository linked to github and they are simply a link to the cloned github repository:

~/.vimrc -> ~/workspace/dotfiles/vim/.vimrc

Every configuration change is synced with the github repository.

How to do it

At first, you must create your dotfiles like .zshrc and .vimrc with your customized settings.

It is good to have executable configuration appliers like shell scripts to do the symlink, install needed software, and so on. In my dotfiles, I created a set of scripts and a Makefile to install my dotfiles and other environment must-haves.

# ...
    @sh zsh/
# ...

In zsh/ script, oh-my-zsh is installed, the .zshrc is symlinked in the home directory and a personalized theme is applied.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"

echo "Installing oh my zsh..."
curl -L | sh

echo "Installing .zshrc"
ln -sf $DIR/.zshrc ~/.zshrc

echo "Installing zsh theme"
cp $DIR/icaro.zsh-theme ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/icaro.zsh-theme
echo "Done."

A good way to keep dotfiles organized by topic, like Zach Holman's dotfiles or mine.

Today there are also tools and frameworks for making it faster to configure your environment like rcm, fresh, or ghar.

Discover more

I've written a curated list about dotfiles at zeef. It includes other introductory articles, and useful links for vim configuration, shell, great dotfiles examples and so on.

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